Wednesday, July 14, 2010

4 weeks to go!

I can't believe I'm 4 weeks away from check in. 28 days. Oh my.

I have what feels like 10,000 things to do. I have a bunch of crafting projects on my to do list before I go, including a super secret surprise for my step-mom. I need to get my lists of what to pack, what to bring and what I need to buy together. I love lists.

I do have an advantage over many CPers, I live a mere 3 hours away. If I really need stuff, I can run home. I don't need to pack my "winter" clothes to bring with me in August, I can grab them later, or worse case, I can have my wonderful fiance bring them up for me.

I think my biggest challenge right now is what to bring for scrapbooking stuff. I have an entire room here at home, way more stuff than any one girl needs. It's kinda hard to narrow down what I need. Do I need my Cricut? Grungeboard? Thickers? How much patterned paper? How much cardstock? Most people are probably shaking their heads at the craziness of this paragraph but other scrappers are laughing at me while nodding their heads. They get it :)

The arrival date just before mine has had their roles disappearing from the CP site. That means that they're getting put into the Hub, which makes this all that much more real. Being in the Hub means that you have a job location assigned. Some want those with Hub access to look them up to see where they're working. I'm up in the air if I want to know or not. I did request Magic Kingdom a few months back, it'll be interesting to see if I get what I requested. Looking at the Fall Advantage people in the Facebook Group, it seems that most who put a request in didn't get their location choice. I'm just hoping to not be stuck selling tickets at one of the water parks. I'd prefer to be located at one of the main theme parks. What job I get, I'm far less picky about.

Oh, and to my 22 followers - Hello! and Thank you! I'm hoping that there will be more updates once I actually make it up to Orlando.


  1. I scrap too! I loveeee Thickers. Except I'm not bringing anything down, so all my Thickers are going to be dried out when I come home.. :(

  2. There are LSS in Orlando, we'll just have to get more. or have someone ship them to you after you arrive - they'd fit in a flat rate envelope! I'm still not sure what/how much scrapping stuff I'm bringing.