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Monday, August 2, 2010

One more thing done

I was finally able to register for online classes for the fall. At my school, Florida Atlantic University, there is an online BBA program. My major, Hospitality, is within the school of business. Because there is a fully online program, non-online people couldn't register until today.

I didn't totally get what I wanted, but I got two classes, which is what I wanted. I'm taking Operations Management and Management Information Systems. I really wanted Marketing Management but there was a major issue with registration and I didn't manage to get in. Oh well, I can always take that in the spring.

So, other than packing, I'm all done with the other "need to be done" stuff. My onboard paperwork is done, renter's insurance is done, I have a roommate, going away party is this weekend. Suppose I should start packing soon huh? I do have a list. I'm also still undecided what to do about scrapping stuff. Brian says to leave it and grab anything I want at a later time. I'm sure he's right, but for me, scrapping is my stress relief. Not having it available kinda stinks to me.

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