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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Campus fun

Last night the campus reps for FAU and Palm Beach State College had a "You've been accepted, now what" kind of Q&A on campus.

It was neat to hear experiences of Alumni, but it's kind of funny how stuff has changed. I am on multiple facebook groups, have watched a ton of vlogs on youtube and am on the disboards college area. I'm pretty well informed.

Being older, I don't have to worry about my parents thoughts about this whole thing (although they're both very excited for me). Listening to some of the parents questions yesterday made me giggle a bit. I mean, your child is an adult and a college student, yet you're worried some small things that silly. Do these parents let their children have any control over their own lives? Once I turned 18, my choices were mine. My parents still advised me and helped me along the way but they were my decisions to make and if it was a wrong decision, I had to live with what happened.

Anyways, tonight is another get together on campus, I'll head over after my Business Law class. We're playing some games and watching Hercules. Should be fun, I haven't seen Hercules in a really long time but I love Danny DeVito's character. 

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