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Monday, March 8, 2010

It came!

My beautiful, wonderful, official-looking Purple Folder arrived. It all seems so much more real now. It's a little more than 5 months until I head north and it seems like there is so much to do. I'm planning a wedding for May of 2011, so I need to get as much of that done before I leave as I can. I also have stuff I need to buy, projects that need to be completed (I'm a crafter, I have Christmas projects that will need to be done before August unless I plan on bringing my sewing machine with me)

I keep having mixed feelings. I'm so excited to have the opportunity to participate in the college program, but at the same time when I think about all that I'll be missing, it makes it a bit difficult. Between August and January there are a ton of birthdays in my family, Thanksgiving and Christmas, my fiance and I have a half season ticket package to the Florida Panthers, we have tickets to go to Fenway to see my beloved Red Sox Labor Day weekend. I know that's probably out and most Panthers games before the new year won't have me cheering them on. It's a little sad.

I know the sacrifice will be worth it, but I feel like I'm forcing my sacrifice onto Brian, just a tad.

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