Wednesday, April 7, 2010

All the little things...

It's amazing when you start planning for something like the CP, all the little things that you think of.

Now, I never had the "typical" college experience. When I graduated high school in 1997, I went to my local community college. I then worked, went to school, worked on the student newspaper and finished my AA. I did all that while living at home with mom & dad.From there, I took "a semester off" which lasted from Spring of 2001 until Spring of 2009. It's amazing how one semester can turn into 8 years so easily. So now, here I am at 31 back at school with all the youngins :).

So I never had to worry about sheets, towels, how I'm going to do my laundry and all that stuff. I now live with my wonderful fiance, and we have a house full of stuff, yet I have to worry about what to bring, what do I need, what do I use on a regular basis.

Do I really need my flat iron? Which computer do I bring? How much of my clothes do I pack.

Brian will tell you I'm a planner and a worrier and I don't deny it for a second. I'm still just over 4 months away from arriving in Orlando, but I feel the need to plan... and worry.

So I'm going start with a budget and try to plan my financial well being to begin with. Of course that's the aspect of this whole thing that worries me the most.

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  1. I completely understand - I'd be a wreck! I'm debating going back to school and I'm a wreck just trying to decide :) Glad you'll have some scrappy soon to take your mind off things. Have a great week!