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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A little about me

I realized this morning, that 6 posts in, I haven't really introduced myself. How rude of me :D

Hi! I'm Christina and I'm just about 31. I live in South Florida about 200 miles southeast of Orlando. I made my first trip to Disney World in 1981 when I was 2. I can't say as I have many memories of that trip, but I have pictures somewhere around here I'm sure (or Mom still has them and won't give them up).

I grew up in a family in the travel industry. My Grandma owned a travel agency, my mom worked there and when I was young, my bio-dad worked for Eastern Airlines (at the time they were the "Official Airline of Walt Disney World"). Later, the old man went to work for Grandma as well.

Because of this, I got to go to Disney a lot when I was young. Here's a shot of me with Tweedle Dee from 1982.

It's pretty cool to see how Disney hasn't changed over the years. Here's a shot of bio-dad and I taken in Italy in 1984. Next to it is a shot taken with some friends at the same location in 2006. For everything that changes (RIP Mr. Toad), it's nice to see stuff that's been there since my childhood (and the opening of Epcot)

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  1. I love the pics and the blog - so cute! Now I can stalk you while you're away :)